Riddle of Steel
The season of RoS will open in september ! Come to see us in one of our 10 places !

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

Riddle of Steel

The Riddle of Steel Weapon Academy is a foam and latex
weapon fighting school.

It was created roughly twenty years ago by Mark Gilbert in the UK. It is the fruit of reflection on foam/latex weapon fighting within LARPs.
Being a discipline coming from LARP, we want to keep its fun and safe aspects. With this in mind we organize lessons not to shape fencer but to guide one trough its desires (technique, games, show etc).

• To teach to anyone who feels interest in LARP fighting.
• To Progress through technique practice and training.
• To promote safer LARP fighting.
• To promote foam and latex fighting as a martial art.

Whom are these training targeted to?
To anyone who wants to learn and progress in LARP fighting.

What should I bring?
Sports wear, a pair of sport shoes, LARP weapons, shield. We recommend the use of kneepads.

How much does it cost?
As we have to rent the sport room we ask cash participation to our members.
For a year subscription 95€
For a non nominative card: 30€ or 60€ for 7 and 15 sessions respectively
Per session: 5€
The first session is offered!
Our bank account : BE73 0688 9338 3060.

Are we insured?
Yes, via the Belgian Larp federation insurance as the RoS is part of Riddle of Steel Asbl.

Where and when do we practice?

ROS Bruxelles
Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes
Salle G2
Chaussée de Wavre, 2057- 1160 Bruxelles
Metro Herman-Debroux - Ligne 5 MAP

Every sunday from 5 to 7PM from october to may.

ROS Charleroi
Place Albert 1er, 38 - 6030 Marchienne-au-Pont

Every sunday from 5PM to 7PM from october to may.

ROS Liège
Ecole Saint Servais
Rue Saint Gilles, 104 - 4000 Liege

Every sunday from 5PM to 7PM from october to may.

ROS Meerhout
Bevrijdingslaan 96A - 2450 Meerhout

Every sunday from 10AM to 12PM from september to june.

ROS Namur
Avenue Jean Materne, n°264 - 5100 Jambes

Every wensday from 6PM to 8PM from october to may.

ROS Nivelles
Haute École Paul Henri Spaak de Nivelles
Salle psychomotricité
Rue Émile Vandervelde, 3 -1400 Nivelles

Every friday from 7:30PM to 9:30PM, from october to may.


ROS Canada
En partenariat avec l'ordre du combat récréatif
Gymnase de l'école primaire de St-Mathias-sur-le-Richelieu, Québec

Every wednesday form 6:15PM to 9:15PM.

ROS Lure
en partenariat avec l'association "Incontrôlable compagnie"
5, Rue du docteur Bertrand, 70200 Lure

Every saturday from 7to 9PM from october to may.

ROS Metz
MJC des 4 Bornes
Dans le Dojo

Rue Etienne Gantrel, 57050 Metz

Every wednesday from 21PM to 23PM from september to may.

ROS Strasbourg
Centre socio-culturel du Marais
8 Rue de Touraine 67300 Schiltigheim 

Every tuesday drom 8PM to 9PM from october to may. 

How to contact us?

- Via E-mail
- Via our Facebook Page.